Terms and Jury
Digital technologies as well as availability and high popularity of Internet influence the way we create and "consume" stories. Recently more and more photographers, artists, journalists and representatives of other related professions have been using not only photography but also other media as a tool of their message transmission.
This year the list of categories of PRAFOTA Contest extends with a new nomination — "Digital Storytelling". Submissions from documentary photographers and artists (including photo collectives) who experiment with mixed digital technologies are going to be considered by the jury members.
Visual storytelling projects which demonstrate a professional level as well as a new original approach in the use of photography, film, graphics, sound, etc while researching burning issues and posing topical questions of either social or humanitarian scope are going to be awarded in this category.
The awards in the category "Digital Storytelling" will be given for projects in two nominations (the form of the award is going to be proposed by the Organizational Committee after the contest results have been announced):

Documentary digital storytelling
Art digital storytelling

In both the nominations projects lasting no longer that 10 minutes (short form) and lasting from 10 to 30 minutes (long form) are going to be separately assessed.

The projects which belong to one of the following types are eligible for participation in the category "Digital Storytellig":
Linear project
A visual story or a project presented in the form of a simple liner narrative or a series of liner narratives on one topic. The project must include photography and/or film in combination with (but not limited to) animation, graphics, sound or text.
Non-linear project
A visual story or a project presented in the non-linear form. The project must include photography and/or film in combination with (but not limited to) animation, graphics, sound or text.
Interactive project
A visual project produced for the web or as an app for a mobile device, which through its design, creates an innovative visual experience for the user. It must include photography and/or film in combination with (but not limited to) animation, graphics, sound or text.
Photo projects made by Belarusian photographers (including photo collectives) and completed or first shown in 2015–2016 are eligible to take part in the contest.

Trailers or project previews, TV-reports, ads and web-sites designed as platforms for the demonstration of several projects or sites which serve for specific mass media are not going to be considered.

Language: all the project must have subtitles in English.
Project submission
Projects must be submitted by April 7 via email: prafota@gmail.com.

Entries must include the photographer's short biography/information on the photo collective and their contacts (email and phone numbers).

The format for digital projects submission: web-pages or Vimeo/Youtube links — not less than HD 720px for ios/android apps.
The photographer declares being the author of the photographic material submitted. If any contentious issues arise, the Contest organizers have the right to require additional proof of authorship.

In case of any copyright violation, the organizational committee have right to disqualify all the photographer's images regardless the fact whether they have been submitted or already shortlisted. In such cases the decision is taken by the organizational committee. The decision is not appealable further.

To submit the material, the photographer must be the only copyright holder or be authorized by the copyright holder in the written form.

Submitting the material the author agrees with the Contest terms granting the Contest the permission for the unlimited use of the submitted images in printed or digital versions (online, printed editions, mass media, printing production, etc) for promotion activities under the auspices of the Contest, without any remuneration being due.
Anna Shpakova
Jury chairperson
Anna Shpakova, producer, curator and photo editor. She graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University. Anna worked for Afisha, Ogoniok and Snob magazines, she was also Photodirector of RIA Novosti agency. Anna teaches at the Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia (Russia). She curates numerous exhibitions in Russia and abroad, she represented Russia at the biennial Photoquai 2011 in Paris. Anna is the finalist of POY Contest 2012 in nomination the best newspaper (Moskovskiye Novosti). She is a curator and photo editor of the multimedia project Grozny Nine Cities, the winner of the Bayeux-Calvados Prize for War Correspondents in the nomination web journalism.