2014 Results
Alexander Mihalkovich's "Forcing the Internet to Remember the Holocaust" became the winning project in the Art Photography category. Svetlana Yerkovich with "Between forest and river" project became the winner in the Documentary Photography category "PRAFOTA" is an award given to documentary and art projects done by Belarusian photographers.
Art Photography finalists
  • Zhanna Gladko «Inciting Force»
  • Alexander Mihalkovich ""Forcing the Internet to Remember the Holocaust""
  • Alexander Mihalkovich «Past Dying Today»
  • Volha Savich «GENE.BY»
  • Alexandra Soldatova «See(ing)»
  • Alexei Shlyk "Instagram"
Documentary Photography finalists
  • Alexander Vasukovich "Euromaidan"
  • Alexander Mihalkovich «To Become a Man»
  • Aleksey Naumchik «We'll Never Get Older»,
  • Maksim Sarychau – untitled
  • Maksim Sarychau "598 Stolen Days"
  • Maksim Sarychau – "A Friend with Two Paws"
  • Vyacheslav Tsuranov "Veterans of the Second World War"
  • Svetlana Yerkovich "Between Forest and River"
Special mention: Alexandra Soldatova "Science" and Sergei Konoplyanik "After"
Jury 2014:
Anna Shpakova
Jury chairperson
Specialist in photography, design and multimedia, curator. At the moment she heads RIA Novosti Photodepartment, previously worked as a photo editor in Afisha Publishing House, managed Ogonjok magazine photoservice, produced special projects for Snob magazine.
Almira Ousmanova
Ph.D. in Philosophy is Professor at the Dept. of Media and the Director of MA program in Cultural Studies at the European Humanities University (Vilnius, Lithuania).
Matthias Flügge
Matthias Flügge – the Rector of the University of Arts (Dresden, Germany), curator of numerous contemporary art exhibitions in Central Europe, particularly in Poland. Matthias Flügge got high public recognition receiving special awards for increasing interest in arts by the governments of Germany and Poland.
Nadezhda Sheremetova
Curator, researcher, photographer, the director of "FotoDepartament" Foundation (St. Petersburg, Russia), constant organizer of educational, exhibition and international projects by "FotoDepartment", among which the project "Young Photography."
Maciek Nabrdalik
Maciek Nabrdalik – documentary photographer, who lives and works in Warsaw, Poland. His works have been exhibited in the United States, Mexico, France, Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, Greece and Poland and published in Smithsonian, L'Espresso, Stern, Newsweek, Polityka, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and others. Among international awards – «World Press Photo», «Pictures of the Year International» (2011 and 2013), «NPPA The Best of Photojournalism» (2010, 2011, and 2012).